Viktoria Binschtok, Juan Pablo Echeverri, Keltie Ferris, Ulrich Gebert, Jan Groover, Elizabeth Jaeger, Sven Johne, Alexej Meschtschanow, Bernard Piffaretti, Émilie Pitoiset, Adrian Sauer
On Flourishing

Apr 20, 2024 – Jun 01, 2024

At the eve of Gallery Weekend 2024, we proudly present On Flourishing, a group exhibition reflecting the ten years of Klemm’s gallery in the ‘Prinzessinnenhof’.

Over the past years in its Kreuzberg location, Klemm’s gallery has served as a dynamic hub for artistic exploration, fostering a diverse community of artists and offering a platform for their conceptual approaches to unfold, both individually and collectively.

As we look forward to the beginning of the next, exciting chapter in the new gallery space, we have brought together a retrospective featuring a selection of significant pieces that have inhabited these walls over the past years — each one a different, individual chapter of a shared history — now entering into a dialogue together to mark the occasion of the very last group show hosted by Klemm’s in the Kreuzberg location. This celebration does not just reflect on the past, but builds a bridge to the future. It is an invitation to come together and celebrate not only the gallery’s history, but also the vibrant community that shares our memories, emotions, and visions.